• Jan 31

    An Overview of IV Protocols in Infusion Nursing

    By Heather Michon | From the pointy end of the needle, infusion nursing may look like a relatively simple matter of just finding a vein and placing a needle in it. Fifty years ago, that may have been the case. But as the use of ... READ MORE »

  • Jan 17

    Can My IV ‘Run Dry’ When the Bag is Empty?

    By Ryan MacArthur | One of the most common questions people ask about IV therapy is ‘what happens when the bag of fluid is empty?’ Patients often worry if air can pump into their veins when there is no more fluid left. Once the IV ... READ MORE »

  • Jan 17

    Do I Need An IV During Surgery?

    By Ryan MacArthur | Every year, millions of healthcare providers perform inpatient surgical procedures and intravenous (IV) therapy is one key to their success. Learn more about some of the reasons IV therapy may be utilized during surgery. Having an IV During Surgery Doctors and ... READ MORE »

  • Jan 10

    Everything You Need to Know About Your Blood

    By Ryan MacArthur | Blood is something our bodies can’t live without, but how much do you really know about it? Find out what makes up your blood, the various blood types, and how IV therapy can help with blood disorders. What is blood made ... READ MORE »

  • Dec 31

    Controversial Ketamine Infusions: Worth the Risk?

    By Ryan MacArthur | Depression is one of the most common serious mood disorders affecting Americans today. The symptoms, having a persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, can cause severe issues with how a person thinks, feels or handles daily activities. According ... READ MORE »

  • Dec 27

    How Raising IV Awareness Can Minimize Patient Harm

    By Heather Michon | Have you ever had a slow leak in a tire? Or in a garden hose? If so, you know that a tiny little puncture can lead to big problems if it goes unaddressed. The same goes for IV infiltrations. An infiltration ... READ MORE »

  • Dec 10

    IV Therapy in Ambulances

    By Ryan MacArthur | It can be difficult enough to insert and monitor a patient’s IV in the hospital, but doing so in the back of a moving ambulance comes with an additional set of challenges. Learn more about the obstacles of IV therapy in ... READ MORE »

  • Nov 1

    How Do IVs Work With The Circulatory System?

    By Ryan MacArthur | While many patients have heard the phrase ‘circulatory system,’ not everyone is familiar with what the circulatory system does in the body. We all need blood to circulate through our bodies to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. But how ... READ MORE »

  • Oct 31

    What All Patients Need to Know About Sepsis

    By Ryan MacArthur | A 2015 study from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine reported that healthcare providers diagnose more than 1.6 million Americans with sepsis each year. This serious illness can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, amputation, and even death. According ... READ MORE »

  • Oct 23

    How Do I Know If I Need IV Fluids For the Flu?

    By Ryan MacArthur | It’s almost that time again – along with the leaves changing comes the dreaded flu season. Influenza, aka the “flu” is a contagious viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. The CDC estimates the flu affects up to 35.6 million people ... READ MORE »

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