• Oct 24

    Complications of Peripheral I.V. Therapy

    Lippincott Nursing Center; Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP | Original Lippincott Nursing Center Article Here. | If you are administering I.V. fluids or medications to a patient through a peripheral I.V. site, be alert for signs and symptoms of complications, institute preventive measures, and know ... READ MORE »

  • Oct 17

    Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s IV Care

    About Kids Health | Original About Kids Health Article Here. | Intravenous (IV) catheters, also known as “IV lines,” can be an important part of your child’s care. Keeping your child safe when they require an IV line is important to everyone at SickKids, and ... READ MORE »

  • Oct 13

    How Tubes and IV Lines Are Used During Cancer Treatment

    American Cancer Society | Original American Cancer Society Article Here. | Tubes and intravenous, or IV, lines allow liquid medicines, fluids, and even nourishment to flow into the body. See Managing Treatment at Home for more on tubes and IV lines. Intravenous (IV) lines are thin, ... READ MORE »

  • Oct 13

    Having an IV

    Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters | Original CHKD Article Here. | What is an “IV”? “IV” stands for “intravenous,” which means inside the vein. Fluids and medicines are often given into the veins through a catheter (a hollow plastic tube). Once the catheter is in ... READ MORE »

  • Sep 25

    Anxiety About IVs? Tips From a Fellow Patient

    WebMD; Heather Original WebMD Article Here. I used to hate needles. I was completely phobic. I dreaded annual flu shots and almost had a nervous breakdown when I had my first IV. Alas, needles—and IVs—became a regular part of my life once I entered cancer ... READ MORE »

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